Fire and Police

The City of Aubrey Fire Department provides fire protection to Savannah. They are based out of the fire station located at 2020 Navo Road (on the Northwest corner of Navo Road and US Hwy. 380). District #10, in conjunction with Paloma Creek and Providence Village, contracts with the City of Aubrey to provide Fire Services in the area. This station is staffed with Firefighter-Paramedic/EMT personnel 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Navo Fire Station currently houses (2) Fire Engines, (1) Brush Truck and (1) MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) Ambulance.

Emergency  911                                                      Non Emergency  972.347.3802

The Denton County Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement agency for DCFWSD #10, and is responsible for providing full law enforcement services including emergency response, making arrests, etc. 

In the event of an emergency, Savannah residents are encouraged to call 911 and your call will be answered by the Denton County Sheriff's Office. 

Emergencies: 911

Non-emergency number: 

Residents of DCFWSD #10 also benefit from an added level of law enforcement protection. Recognizing a need for community policing, the District contracts with armed, off-duty, peace officers licensed by the State of Texas to provide a supplemental layer of law enforcement. The officers, most of whom are local to Denton County, patrol Savannah and Artesia on a variety of shifts that vary depending on the season, community needs, and crime trends. Their primary responsibilities are to patrol Savannah and Artesia, identify potential criminal situations, stop a crime that is in progress, and work with the Denton County Sheriff's Office to address any law enforcement issues. 

Previous law enforcement service contracts were shared with other communities, which greatly impacted the amount of time the patrols could spend in each community and only provided services on certain days of the week. The new contract provides daily patrol services dedicated solely to Savannah and Artesia.