Frequently Asked Questions

Your Association Board and Staff loves answering any questions you may have, but we would like to provide answers to the most common questions that we receive.  If you do have additional questions, or would like clarification, please contact us at

What is the Purpose of the HOA or CA?
The purpose of an Homeowners Association (HOA) or Community Association (CA) is to maintain common property owned by the association and to protect your property values.  The HOA is responsible for the entryways, the Amenity center/pool areas, parks, and retention areas.  The HOA must also control architecture of structures and enforce your CC&R’s in order to create and keep harmony.

What is the proper procedure taken to enforce a violation?
There are typically 3 steps to enforcing a violation.
Step 1:  First letter sent to the homeowner is a friendly reminder.  This notice is given 10 days to remedy the violation. 
Step 2:  The second letter is a more strongly worded notice.  The compliance time is 10 days to remedy the violation.
Step 3:  ( TROPA-ATTORNEY)-  This is a notice sent certified mail giving the homeowner 31 days to remedy the situation or legal process will begin.  This notice is required to be given by Texas State law.

In a perfect world all homeowners would do what was agreed upon closing on their home.  Your Association staff  work hard to make sure CC&R’s are followed within limits of the Texas State Property Codes.  We have a dedicated Compliance Liaison that canvases the community twice per week in pursuit of compliance.  If you receive your notice and your violation has been completed i.e. Mowing, just please disregard.  If there are mitigating circumstances, please contact the HOA Staff as soon as possible.  We are happy to work with our homeowners to resolve issues!

What is an ASC request?  How is it processed?
An Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) Request or Modification Request is something enforceable by the HOA in order to assure your property will hold its value and to ensure the modification is within the design guideline standards.  The HOA staff will process your request, which is turned in by you the homeowner, and sent to the ASC.  The ASC then has 60 days to approve or deny your request (the committee currently meets twice per month and requests are reviewed rather quickly but please allot for that time interval).   Please read your CC&R’s to make sure you will not receive a letter to remove something that has not been approved through the ASC.  This also includes additional landscaping.

When does the fining process start and where do these funds go?
You will not be charged a fine until the 3rd notice is received and you have been given your 31 days to remedy the situation.  After the 31 days has expired you will then begin to be fined every 10 days until the situation has been remedied.  If you have failed after several fines to remedy the situation legal action will be taken. All fine income goes right back into the HOA.  Your HOA is a non-profit agency.  Everything which comes into the HOA goes out.

Why does the HOA not do anything about my neighbor’s back yard?
The Compliance Liaison does indeed canvas the neighborhood but we the HOA staff is limited to what we can see.  We do not access a property unless properly notified.  This means that compliance staff may not see that a back yard is a problem if there is no alleyway access or the weeds extend above the backyard fence line. If you see that a backyard is becoming a problem, please report it right away to our management staff.

When can I expect my call to be returned?  
FSR staff will make every effort to return your call and/or email within 1 business day.  If we have not, there is a breakdown in communication, and we may not have received the query.   

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Click Image to download chart

What can the HOA do about barking and annoying dogs?
If you are having problems with your neighbors dog or excessive noise please from a neighbor, please make an attempt to talk with your neighbor about the issue.  The majority of pet issues are resolved in this manner.  If you have exhausted your options, you can call the HOA office and your association manager may send the homeowner a notice telling the homeowner about the nuisance.  This report is subjective and ultimately difficult to enforce as it requires ongoing homeowner reports to progress.   All dogs and cats are required to be put on a leash when outside the house or backyard.  If you see a homeowner who is not in compliance with this law please call the Denton County Animal Control or Denton County Sheriffs Office at 940-349-1600. Please remember animal control cannot handle wild animals.

Violation Notices:
•    The date on the notice you receive in the mail is not the date the property was driven.  Please be aware if you receive a notice and you have already remedied the situation let your management staff know and they will be more than happy to assist in closing out the notice for you.  If complied with, the violation will be closed upon the next inspection date.
•    The property is driven twice a week for compliance.  A short drive may be conducted later in the week to check to make sure nothing new has shown up.
•    If you receive a letter for your yard for example and your neighbors yard is over grown as well please be aware a letter has probably been extended to your neighbor also.  

Kids in Street:
Your Association cannot be responsible for kids playing in the street. Please watch your children.

Why is there different Law Enforcement in Savannah?  
The Denton County Fresh Water District contracts various local police departments to conduct safety patrols the community.  Even though they are Peace Officers, Denton County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) has jurisdiction. Please make sure if you have an issue regarding your property such as vandalism, break-ins, suspicious activity, or any sort of crime you contact the DCSO and make a report.  The HOA is not law enforcement and cannot affect any situation under DCSO purview.
Non-Emergency- 940-349-1600 opt 9
Emergency- 911